What to do and where to go

Activities and must-sees in Oman

If you are looking to simply visit Oman, as a tourist, or even looking to relocate there.  Here are some resources that you may find of use, for activities and excursions and also, if you are looking to relocate and make Oman become your new home.

National Museum of Oman

This building is world famous, not only for the things that it contains within, but also for the architecture of the building itself, which is highly celebrated.  It can be found in Muscat

Sawadi Daymaniyat Islands

These islands are quite beautiful and can be accessed by boat from the northern end of Muscat

Expat in Oman

If you are looking to move to Oman, have a look at this great resource, which will give you access to clubs, groups and pointers for where to go etc.

Wahiba Sands

If you are looking for a quintessential Arabian nights sort of experience, you have to put this place on your list of ‘must see’ things.  Why – well, the  Sharqiya Sands, as they are also known as, exists of an area of 12,500 km2, and it is not just an area of great desert.  Within the desert an enourmous 16,000 invertebrates were documented as well as 200 other species of wildlife during the Royal Geographical Societies expedition to investigate the area back in 1986.  Surprisingly too, 150 types of flora were discovered there thus making it an area of intriguing interest.

Nizwa Fort and Bahla Fort – If you are looking to visit a fort, one of these will do!!  Nizwa Fort, in Nizwa, was built in the 1650’s and it vast and dominates the city.  It’s only about 1 1/2 hours inland from Muscat, so easily doable on a day excursion – though I would recommend at least one night in the city as well – as it is so beautiful when lit up at night.  Bahla Fort is additionally very impressive, and is in fact a USESCO World Heritage Site.